Bob Hughes


In mid May my doctor, Dr. Kurt Von Suskil, prescribed a two month session with the Atlantic Club's PREP program. I contacted the club and received a call back from Katherine Mazza who was one of my trainers along with Karen Megles. I met with Katherine who did a brief survey of my health and goals. She developed a program tailored to me which we implemented the next day. It was a combination of cardio and strength training and was challenging without being too difficult.

I went from 213 pounds to 202 pounds. In addition, I lost body fat and increased muscle. My waist went from a 40 to a true 38 or 37. I sleep better. My back bothers me less. My posture has improved. I’m stronger. I feel better about myself. My trainers, Katherine and Karen, were excellent. In addition the whole training staff was there for me when I needed and provided plenty of positive reinforcement. I had access to all the facilities and

The end result is that I have joined The Atlantic Club. I continue to workout four days a week and constantly update my goals. I feel great and look forward to continuing my improvement!