Teen Tennis

Tennis is, without doubt, good for the mind and body. Playing tennis regularly has many physical and psychological health benefits associated with it.These health benefits are particularly important for a child's physical, emotional and mental development. Not only will your teen advance in their technical skills, but they will focus on learning sportsmanship, teamwork, implementation of strategy, mistake management, and develop their overall work ethic while having fun!



Teen Tennis 101 (ages 13 - 17) - LEVEL 1

Designed for those picking up a racquet for the first time. This program teacher the proper grips, techniques, and form of the basic strokes in a fun yet competitive environment. We use plenty of instruction, games, and activities to focus on all the fundamentals to get your teen hitting tennis balls for the first time.

  • 8:1 student to pro ratio



Contenders (ages 13 - 17) - LEVEL 2

For players that complete Teen Tennis 101 or are already have experience on the court. This program is designed to improves the player's game in the areas of groundstrokes, volleys, serving, strategies for both singles & doubles, and footwork. Hitting drills, games, and exercises are utilized to get the teen player not just able to hit, but able to play their first matches.

  • 6:1 student to pro ratio

High School Aces (ages 13 - 17) - LEVEL 3

A popular, comprehensive program for the experienced teen player. This class focuses on instruction, hitting drills, and games designed to improve the play of the Junior Varsity High School player, or those trying to break into their Varsity team's starting lineup.

  • 6:1 student to pro ratio.
  • Player must be placed by Pro.



High Performance Tennis Institute (ages 11- 18)

Our High Performance program is designed to prepare your student athlete for collegiate or professional tennis. In addition to advancing their tennis abilities, studentswill learn to grow as athletes physically, emotionally, and psychologicallythrough on and off court training.

For more information about the High Performance programs contact Elite Level Junior Player Manager Max Filippov, [email protected], or Director of Tennis Wade McGuire, [email protected].