Guest Information

Hello! Welcome guests!

We are excited to have you.

Our friendly Front Desk Staff and our Wellness Coordinators are here to assist and answer any questions you may have. Before your arrival here are a few guest guidelines:

    1. Guests may use the Club once in a thirty (30) day period and a maximum of three times per year with complimentary guests passes or by paying the appropriate guest fees
    2. If a member has a relative that lives out of state and may be staying an extended amount of time, a member will be allowed to use one of their Guest passes for the first visit and would then be required to pay a Guest fee of $20 per day for use of The Atlantic Club for the additional stay.
    3. Guests must be accompanied by an Atlantic Club Member, who is at least 18 years of age
    4. Members should arrive at least 15 minutes before scheduled class in order to complete the guest registration process
    5. Guests may use the Club during the hours listed below so they can be processed through our Wellness Coordinators. Special arrangements can always be made with one of our Wellness Coordinators.

      Hours of Guest Pass Availability

      Monday- Thursday                          8am-8pm

      Friday                                             8am-7pm

      Saturday- Sunday                            8am-4pm

    6. Guests must provide Identification and be photographed and placed into Guest profile at the request of our police department to be sure that we have access to all non- member information in the case of an emergency.
    7. During the Summer months, guests are processed by our Wellness Coordinators in our Main Club. It is required that each member along with their guest- with proper identification be in attendance to register with one of our Wellness Coordinators prior to visiting the Cabana Pool.

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