Member Rewards Perkville

What is Perkville?

The Atlantic Club is partnered with Perkville to bring our members a great rewards program. Members can earn Perkville points by checking in to the club, referring friends, and other club activities. Points can be redeemed for a variety of great rewards like guest passes to the club, The Atlantic Club or Milagro Spa gift cards, recovery shakes, personal training, club membership, and more! Create an account and start earning today.

How do I create an account?

–  Go to
–  Click "Sign in" then click "Join"
–  Enter your email address that is on file at The Atlantic Club (Forgot what email address you used? You can call us at 732.223.2100 for Manasquan or 732.219.5333 for Red Bank, or check through The Atlantic Club App)

How do I earn points?

Before you start accumulating points you must register your account. After you create your account, you will receive an email from Perkville with a link to finalize your registration. You must click this link to complete registration of your account. Once registered, you will begin earning points.

You can earn points for many club activities such as checking in at the Front Desk when you work out, attending a personal training session, referring a friend to join the club, spending at the Club Cafe, The Shop or Parisi Speed School, attending your new member appointment and recharge appointment, and more. For a full breakdown, check the "Earning" tab when logged in to your Perkville account online. Please note that points are not transferable.

How do I redeem my points?

Visit the "Perks" tab when logged in to your Perkville account. There you can view what perks are available, how many points you need to unlock a perk, or unlock a perk for use. Once redeemed your perk will appear in "My Vouchers" where you can either print your voucher to present it at the corresponding location (Front Desk, Cafe, Fitness Desk, Spa, etc.) or show your voucher on your phone to redeem.


My points aren't showing up on my account, what do I do?

Most points are awarded within a day or two after completing the activity (checking in, etc.) However, some points won't be awarded until the first 10 days of each month for the previous month's activity. Activities that yield points this way are attending personal training sessions, converting your account to ACH, attending new member appointments 1 & 2, and attending your recharge appointment.

If you still aren't seeing points that you think you've earned contact Perkville has a great support team and will be able to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently!

What happens if I cancel my membership?

Upon cancellation of your Atlantic Club membership, you will no longer be able to utilize any Perkville points you have remaining on your account. Points are not transferable.

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