Liz Hall

Referred by: Dr. DeNoia 

Meet Liz Hall.  Liz is 46 years old and has been living with right side hemiparesis since infancy. After birth, Liz suffered a stroke which resulted in this condition. Hemiparesis is unilateral paresis, meaning, weakness of the entire left or right side of the body (hemi- means "half"). As a young child Liz was told by a doctor she would not walk. However, her family discounted this claim and began taking her to physical and occupational therapy. Liz did learn to walk and she also began to play team sports. Liz played soccer, basketball for the JV high school team, she learned to swim and also currently plays golf. As you can see, Liz is a determined individual who has not let her physical limitations stop her from living her life.

When Liz was referred into the PREP program by Dr. DeNoia, she mustered up that same motivation she has before in life and began working hard. Each time Liz came in to train she was positive, motivated and eager to progress. Liz safely pushed past her limits and truly did a fantastic job throughout the program. Liz lost 8.8 lbs of body fat. Liz also gained 5lbs of muscle. Aside from positive physical changes, Liz also felt a sense of accomplishment when learning how to use strength training machines and cardio equipment because at first she was not sure if she would be capable. Liz is dedicated to improving her health and creating a healthier lifestyle overall. I truly enjoyed working with Liz and seeing her progress. I believe she is a remarkable example of perseverance.