Mary Wardlaw

Referred by:  Dr. Lawrence Van Horn


Over the years my weight has gotten out of control and my fitness level tanked. When Dr. Van Horn offered the PREP program at The Atlantic Club in Manasquan, I decided to try it. I knew I would need some help on making changes in my physical activities, eating habits and would need motivation and accountability to help stay committed to getting it done. Just six weeks into the program, I lost weight and gained muscle.  I started to realize that I had to take the time for myself.  Before I knew it, two family members joined me in their transformation as well.  I have to thank my trainers, Katharine Mazza and Karen Megles, for their expertise, encouragement and friendship during the 8 weeks.  They always have a smile on their face and had a game plan ready when I arrived for my workouts. They knew how to push me to my limit but still make me feel good about my progress! The program is GREAT.