Michael Prince

Michael Prince completed the p.r.e.p.® program at The Atlantic Club over 1 year ago. He then joined the club to continue his fitness regimen. Michael said that p.r.e.p.® saved his life!  When he started, he said that his schedule would keep him from coming in more than twice per week.  He struggled going up and down stairs and use to plan his day around avoiding them. He comes in 6 days per week and has also changed his eating.
He is down 60 pounds and 8% body fat.  His blood pressure was 130/90 and is now 110/80. At his recent physical, his doctor was thrilled with his progress!

When asked what motivates him - he states that he feels better than he has in a long time and simply does not want to go back to feeling like he did before starting p.r.e.p.® He realizes that exercise is the most important thing that he does for himself.  He could not be more pleased with the program, the staff and  his positive results. He is glad to share his story - even if it helps one person, he is happy!