Walt & Brenda Wombough

Referred into the program by Dr. Scott Eisenberg

My wife's cardiologist recently suggested she enroll in p.r.e.p.® at The Atlantic Club due to her family history of heart issues. I was in the process of retiring (I'm 64), so we both decided to follow his lead and join the program together.
Despite the fact that my wife and I are active, we were somewhat intimidated at the thought of walking into a gym or heath club and being surrounded by members who were much younger and fitter than we were. Come to find out that was never an issue!

p.r.e.p.® was a wonderful experience for both my wife and myself. The two month program included access to all of the Atlantic Club's facilities and classes as well as the actual fitness program itself. Everything started with a baseline evaluation of our starting physical condition, a discussion of how the program works and what we wanted out of the program. Individual goals were then set and the work (fun?) began.

p.r.e.p.® included two monitored training sessions a week but you're free to come in and work on your own in between those sessions. My wife and I found ourselves usually in at least 5 days a week. Once you start seeing results it truly does become a lifestyle change. We actually found ourselves feeling guilty if we took a night off! 
Bottom line is you'll end up feeling better and looking better and the nutrition classes’ help you make better decisions on what food you're putting in your body. It's all a win-win situation and a program we would heartily recommend to anyone.
Thanks to Cassie, the p.r.e.p.® Coordinator, all the trainers and the entire staff of The Atlantic Club. It's been a great experience.