Viliana Kossev, MD

Internal Medicine, Sea Girt Medical Associates
Manasquan NJ

I love p.r.e.p.® because it is a good way to get you started with a healthy habit. It is especially good for those who are busy and find many excuses not to exercise! I decided to try the program myself because, as a physician, I believe in exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes to help patients control weight, cholesterol and blood pressure.  

When I joined p.r.e.p.®, I found a group of enthusiastic positive people who helped me understand how to exercise properly, use the equipment and work at my own pace and convenience. Everyone working at the Atlantic Club is great and very encouraging. For the first time in my life I also started doing yoga and pilates which I enjoy a lot.  After finishing the prep program I joined The Atlantic Club because I feel that it offers a great variety of classes and possibilities to exercise. It turned into my second home!  

I will keep sending my patients to prep and try to motivate them as a personal example.