You focus on your goals. We'll focus on the kids.

 Whether you’re at Manasquan or TAC Downtown, your children will be safely cared for and highly-entertained! Time flies as your kids experience arts, crafts and play centers; watch movies or play video games. Safety is the priority – our top-notch staff members are certified in infant and child CPR and first aid.

Open for children ages 6 Months - 9 Years


2 hours max per family per day

Monday - Friday: 8am - 1pm AND 4pm - 7pm
Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 1pm

For The Atlantic Club Downtown Red Bank KidZone information click here.

  • All children must be signed in and picked up by the same registered adult. Please be prepared to display your Atlantic Club Membership Card or another form of ID when picking up your child.

  • Parents are not permitted to leave the premises while their children are in the KidZone.

  •  For the welfare of our children and employees, the KidZone staff has the right to refuse admittance to any child they feel is ill or displays obvious signs of illness such as cold, runny nose, pink eye, etc.

  • No food, drinks, snacks, gum, toys, blankets, stuffed animals, etc. are to be brought from home for sanitary, as well as safety, reasons.

  • Parents can put their children's coats and belongings on the shelf provided. Parents may not leave their own coats, bags, purses, etc. in the KidZone.

  • Bottles or spill proof cups are allowed only for children under 3 years of age. This eliminates mix up, loss and use by other children. Children are not permitted to walk around with their bottle or cup, they must be in a crib, or sitting on a care giver’s lap. For sanitary reasons, pacifiers must be attached to child’s clothing at all times.

  • If a child is upset or misbehaving, our staff will make all efforts to soothe the child, however, if the behavior continues for more than ten minutes, the parent will be paged to come to the KidZone over the Club's intercom

  • Diaper changing is the responsibility of the parent. If the child needs to be changed, his/her parent will be paged.

  • Placement of children within the nursery and participation in its activities will be at the discretion of the KidZone staff.

  • Please label all belongings. The Atlantic Club does not assume responsibility for lost items.

  • Bare feet are not allowed. Shoes and/or socks must be worn at all times.