Fine Arts & World Arts

Messy Art

Let's see how messy we can be while creating one of-a-kind masterpieces. We will paint with our hands and brushes and smear wonderful color across paper, canvas, and other surfaces.

* Starters – Midstream

Passport Art **NEW**

Join us as we travel the world and explore different cultures. We will listen to music and stories from countries across the great blue sea. Students will learn about many cultures and create artwork that is used to decorate and celebrate life around the world. We will even receive a passport to stamp along our journey. 

* Jr. Learners – Midstream

¡Hola Amigos!

Join us on our journey as we continue to develop our school's Spanish lessons. This class will be a thematic approach with games, stories, songs, and art to enhance our Spanish knowledge. Children will be exposed to conversational skills, numbers, family members, cool phrases, and Hispanic holidays.

* Starters –Jr. Kindergarten