Crayon Control

Preschoolers will move through different stages of fine motor skills in order to develop proper grip control so important in writing. Children will learn through coloring techniques and many other different art mediums such as beading, weaving, cutting, and other "pincher grip" activities.

*Starters – Jr. Learners 

Pencil Power

An afternoon full of hands on activities that will prepare children for a lifetime of writing skills. Each child will develop handwriting skills through multi-sensory play using manipulatives such as: Play-Doh, magnetic and wooden letters, dry erase boards, tweezers, eye-droppers, chalk boards, shaving cream and letter cards. Children will practice letter formation, tracing, copying letters and words.

*Jr. Learners –Midstream

Pint Size Scientists

Welcome to the laboratory! Change colors, float/sink, explode, and create new things. We will put together our very own science journal while participating in a range of experiments. Make fun things like goop and Play Doh. Watch demonstrations using everyday items while learning about weather, magnets and nature. 

*Jr. Learners - Midstream

Jr. Kindergarten Reading & Math

One of our most in demand classes! This is a year long continual program that runs from September to June. Come join us for an afternoon of skill building hat focuses on the pre-reading and pre-math concepts for preschoolers. Games and projects help make learning fun in this theme driven classroom environment where self-directed learning, individualized academic coaching, and critical thinking are at the core of helping children improve and excel in their academic pursuits. 

*Jr. Kindergarten

Stay and Play

Children are able to explore and play with other students in a classroom environment. Great opportunity for socialization! A perfect time for YOU to get your errands done while the children have free play or for your child to transition to another enrichment. *Open to all ages. Must be an Atlantis Prep student.*

Kidz Workshop

Does your little one love to work with their hands? If so, join our APS Kids' Workshop to learn the basics of building. Our carpenters-in-training will be introduced to basic carpentry, different building materials, and expand their vocabulary by identifying and learning the function of many different tools. Students will use cognitive thinking and math to design and create simple projects from start to finish throughout the fall.

*Jr. Kindergarten - Midstream 

Mommy & Me Toddler Program

Come in and have a fun time with your toddlers. Our experienced teacher will guide parents and children through basic hands on art exploration with different themes, stories, and playtime. Our music teacher also joins class for Mommy & Me sing-a-longs. *Toddlers must be able to walk.*