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The Atlantic Club is proud to welcome T3 Lacrosse

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The Atlantic Club Cafe

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Our smoothies are more than just tasty treats. In fact, we believe that we have the healthiest smoothies in the world. We don’t even call them smoothies anymore because the name smoothie does not necessarily imply health. So we have created a variety of different classes of what we call “shakes”.

We know that a healthy diet is just as important as your workout. So we have designed our shakes to correlate precisely with specific fitness goals.

We offer shakes for: 

• Post Workout • Healthy Snacking • Muscle building • Fat Loss • Toning • Increased Metabolism

Each shake boasts an incredible three servings of fruit with NO ADDED SUGARS! Taste the difference that Natural Whole Foods and Sound Nutrition can make.

Fact:  Liquid Calories consumed within 30 minutes of your workout feed your muscles and not your fat!

Does nutrition play a role in sports performance? You betcha!- Article by Dan Young

Kids Need Nutrition Too- Article by Dan Young

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Milagro Spa

Be a part of our Exclusive T3 Lacrosse & Milagro Spa /Dr Gross Skin Care 5 Day Skin Care Challenge

Register here and receive FREE product samples to use every morning for 5 days, resulting in more beautiful, healthier skin.

Dr. Dennis Gross and Milagro Spa believes in a synergy between fitness, good health and glowing skin.

Beauty Tip: Working out just before a big event is a beauty secret celebrities use before walking the
red carpet. Exercising (cardio in particular) revs up the circulatory system and not only imparts the face with a radiant glow but it also deflates any puffiness.

Special T3 Lacrosse Offer to athletes, friends and moms from Milagro Spa and Bare Minerals

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The Shop at The Atlantic Club

We carry the latest workout Clothes and accessories from Lucy and Under Armour

The Atlantic Club-Manasquan is also home to the shop, which also carries a wide array of tennis apparel and everything you need to enhance your workout and activities.

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Parisi Speed School

T3 Lacrosse is teaming up with Parisi Speed School to provide comprehensive exercise, recreation and sports specific training geared towards increasing performance for every athlete.  

Click here for a free evaluation.  T3 Lacrosse and Parisi have a special program focused on

Skill development and Strength.

The Parisi program will help you:
• Increase endurance • Increase total body strength • Lose weight
• Improve flexibility • Build mental toughness • Boost confidence

Strength training is also included one day a week and focuses on:
• Learning  proper form    • Injury prevention      • Reducing body fat
• Increasing strength  

For more information please call us at 732-292-4475  


Check out a tip from Bill Parisi founder of the Parisi Speed School


We understand parents are traveling long distances to be a part of T3 Lacrosse at the Atlantic Club.  In addition to enjoying the amenities of the Cafe and the Shop please click Here for a special guest pass for your ride to check out the club while you are at practice.