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Yoga classes, tai chi classes and pilates classes keep your mind and body healthy.

Strength for the body. Peace for the mind.

We take care of your body from the inside and out. The Atlantic Club hosts several tai chi, yoga and pilates classes to sharpen your mind while keeping your body in shape.

The Atlantic Club believes in the importance of developing both the mind and body to achieve optimal health and wellness. The result is the most comprehensive mind and body program you'll find anywhere. Below is a listing of our classes.

Yoga Classes

Explore our selection of yoga classes at our yoga studio in NJ. For a complete listing of our yoga classes, check out our group exercise class schedule.

  • Candlelight Yoga is influenced by body prayers, the holding of meditative postures and breath work.
  • Chair Yoga: Replaces your yoga mat and allows one to take full advantage of yoga's amazing health and fitness benefits.  It helps to improve balance with the use of light weights as well as stimulating circulation. 
  • Eclectic Yoga: A refreshing hatha yoga class that embraces the essential principles of the science of yoga. Experience the profound benefits of yoga such as increased strength, endurance, flexibility, reduced anxiety and stress. 90 minutes.
  • Kripula Yoga: A meditative style yoga class with great emphasis on proper breath and alignment honoring the wisdom of the body. Learn to focus on the physical and psychological reactions caused by various postures to develop awareness of body, mind and spirit. 90 minutes.
  • Restorative Yoga: A meditative style yoga class with emphasis on breath, alignment and movement. Learn to focus on the physical and psychological reactions caused by various postures to develop awareness of body, mind and spirit. 90 minutes.
  • Sunrise Yoga: Influence your good health, flexibility, digestion, and circulation. This yoga class will also help you relieve stress and increase energy. Key elements include proper yoga exercise, breathing and relaxation. 90 minutes.
  • Vinyasa Yoga: A flowing form of hatha yoga and ashtanga-style, linking postures together with breath, focus and inward attention. 90 minutes.
  • Yoga Nidra: A systematic method of complete relaxation, utilizing guided imagery and body scanning to aid the participant in achieving harmony of body, mind and spirit.
  • Yin Yoga: Yin Yoga uses long passive holds to open and energize deep connective tissue of the body. Increasing flexibility in the hips and lower body. 30 minutes.
  • Integral Yoga: A flexible combination of specific methods to develop every aspect of the individual: physical, intellectual and spiritual. 90 minutes.
  • Slow Flow Yoga: Feel the strength and fluidity of your body as you strengthen and lengthen your muscles while working on your flexibility through this beautiful, relaxing and challenging yoga class. 90 minutes.
  • Anasura Yoga: Integrate alignment principals with heartfelt spiritually. Align the inner and outer body with flowing and graceful poses. Benefits: flexibility, stress relief. 90 minutes.
  • Hot Yoga: This intense physical practice of yoga is performed in a heated room to keep the muscles warm and to enhance flexibility. The benefits of this yoga class include flexibility, balance and stress relief. Not recommended for pregnant women or individuals with high blood pressure or heart disease.
  • Jivamutki Yoga: Jivamutki Yoga is one of nine internationally recognized styles of hatha yoga. This practice is a vigorous style performed in a flowing sequence with emphasis on breath and strength. Benefits include flexibility, muscular strength, balance, and stress relief. 90 minutes.

Pilates Workouts

Developed more than 70 years ago, pilates classes utilize corrective exercises and specialized equipment to repattern the imbalance of the body musculature. Pilates classes offer a whole new way to workout that integrates strength training and mental discipline into your fitness routine. Review our group exercise class schedule to find out more about pilates classes.

You can also experience individual- and partner-based pilates sessions with The Atlantic Club’s certified instructors in our private pilates studio.

Apparatus Pilates Classes. Add intensity and variety to Pilates Based Mat Exercise with wall springs, flex ring toners, rotating disks, foam rollers, and wobble boards. Learn new exercises that improve your balance, stability and proprioception while strengthening and stretching. New sessions start every month.

Pilates Reformer Training Classes. This pilates class builds upon techniques learned on the mat and with small apparatus. Challenge yourself to the ultimate pilates workout on the Reformer. This unique piece of equipment dramatically improves strength, flexibility and posture. Let our certified staff show you the way to a longer, leaner and stronger body. Cost: Members $280, Non-Members $364.

Tai Chi Classes

Concentrating on correct posture and breathing control, Tai Chi's movements are fluid, graceful and well balanced, promoting the complete harmony of body and mind. Tai chi classes provide the mental relaxation and physical fitness so essential in our stress-filled lives.

The practice of tai chi originated from ancient China. Nowadays, it is performed as an exercise for overall health. Tai chi for arthritis relief is especially popular, and The Atlantic Club is proud to offer tai chi classes to support optimal health. Please see our group exercise class schedule to find out how to learn tai chi.

Whether you want to take tai chi for arthritis or unwind with one of our yoga classes, The Atlantic Club offers a serene atmosphere to focus your mind and care for your body. Find out more by contacting Member Services here. You can also call our fitness club in Manasquan at 732.223.2100 or in Red Bank at 732.219.5333.