Manasquan Group Exercise New Years Schedule

New Years Eve

Heat with Tom in the Basketball Gym5:30am
Ride with Barbora (RC)7:30am
Body Pump with Kathy C (A)7:45am
Le barre with Pat (B)8:00am
Quick Crunch with Margaret (A)9:00am
Interval Training with Lisa (B) 9:00am
Walking Workout with Pat (OT)9:00am
Active Rhythm with Margaret (A)9:15am
Ride with Pat (RC)9:30am
HEAT with Susie in the Field House9:30am
H2Obics with Margie (IP)9:30am
Zumba with Gina (B)10:00am
Body Pump with Mary (A)10:30am
Senior Strength with Kathy P (B) 11:00am
Restorative Yoga with Mary (B)11:30am
Gentle Fitness with Christine (A)12:00pm

New Years Day

Ride with Karen (RC)5:30am
H2Obics with Barbora (IP)7:30am
Zumba with Amanda (A)
Ballet Barre with Kathy P (B)
Core and More Kathy (A)
Sunrise Yoga with Jen (B)
Ride with Susie (RC)