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Today's championship teams are composed of more than just technical players. A superior team has to be a strong, fast, flexible team with great nutrition and a solid mental attitude. The Parisi Speed School training is unmatched in its intensity and utilizes advanced training methodologies to help athletes break through previous speed and strength plateaus.The Parisi Speed School has trained hundreds of high school teams over the last 18 years to become superior teams. More Info

The Atlantic Club Parisi taking teams to the next level

Take Your Team to the NEXT Level

Speed, power, flexibility, balance and endurance are the foundation of any good team. Learn More

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  • Nationally recognized speed and agility training for your team
  • Reduce injury rates
  • Parisi will consult with you to design an effective strength training program to pair with speed and agility training
  • Access to training at your facility or at the Parisi Speed School
  • Year round consultation and support for your team to ensure continued performance gains 

How to Set-Up a Parisi Team Training Program:

Step 1: DO THE DEMO. Parisi Speed School offers a free demo workout for all interested teams to experience the difference.

Step 2: GET IN TOUCH. Schedule an appointment with Parisi Speed School to determine your teams needs, strengths, weaknesses, and how Parisi can help.

Step 3: GAMEPLAN. Determine where our customized team training will take place - at our facility or off site.

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