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FitLife is based on the latest clinical research on the effectiveness of the Mediterranean Diet which emphasizes
eating the right food, in the right amount throughout the day. FitLife also features an accurate full body composition
report utilizing the InBody 520. The results are 98% accurate when compared to underwater weighing.

This state-of-the-art tool measures:

  • How much fat you need to lose
  • How much muscle you should gain
  • Your hydration level
  • Basal metabolic rate (calories burned at rest)
FitLife is based on the Firstline Therapy Therapeutic Lifestyle Program. FitLife is endorsed by Tom Bilella, a local Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractor who holds 5 certifications/degrees in Nutrition.

One-on-One Nutrition Coaching:

1 on 1 meetings with a FitLife Coach will help keep you accountable, give guidance, and help you overcome any
obstacles that may prevent you from reaching your goals. Also, if you just finished our 14 Day Detox, One-on-One coaching will help you stay on a healthy path!
  • Four 30 minute private sessions with a FitLife Coach over 4 weeks
  • Fit Life Kit including program book, food journal and shaker bottle
  • Pre/Post Body Composition Analysis using the InBody 520

    Members: $245 New Participant / $215 Maintenance
    $299 New Participant / $269 Maintenance
    Partner Sessions Available at $180 per person

    The Fitlife program is non-refundable.


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