The Method Difference


You will typically spend 15-20 minutes exercising on a modality of your choice from weightlifting, to sit-to-stand, to a walk or jog on a treadmill. Our specialist will study your body's unique responses to exercise and have your test results immediately – setting you on a personalized path to better health and fitness.

We call your test results your Individual Metabolic Fingerprint. It is the heart-rate range in which your body is working most efficiently during exercise. You will use a heart-rate monitor when you exercise so that you know when it is time to rest and when to keep going. It will pinpoint your PRIME fat burning zone. This information will allow you to lose fat faster, safer and put you on the path to better heatlh.

METHOD TEST: (1) Hour Appointment: $149 (includes Method Test & InBody520 Body Composition Assessment, not the 6-week program) 

Manasquan Club Only

Method Program - BEGINS JANUARY 15TH

Manasquan only  |  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 

Our program participants continue to see great results after the 6 week program: 

  • 39% lost 10-17 lbs of body fat 
  • 52% saw at least a 2% decrease in body fat percentage
  • 43% increased their Basal Metabolic Rate (the amount of energy you expend each day while at rest)

The 6-Week Program Includes:

  • The groundbreaking METHOD test. 
  • Pre & Post body composition assessment (initial assessments January 8-12th)
  • 2x per week scheduled group fitness classes with Method Certified Instructors.
  • Nutritional support with lectures led by a Registered Dietician: January 11th and January 18th at 6:30pm-7:30pm
  • MYZONE® Heart Rate Monitor* to use during the program to ensure you are in PRIME Zone.
  • Cost: $249 Members  |  $349 Guest (includes 6-week Membership)

* MYZONE®  Belt must be returned after the program is concluded. Available for Purchase.