Dancing Divas (Jazz & Tap)

Start the class off with some jazz Jazz is a fun energetic dance form that will help in developing balance, strength, flexibility and coordination. The children will love letting loose and having fun while being taught structure and technique.

End with tap During the tap portion the children will be taught a vocabulary of sounds and movements. Along with these sounds and movements, fun combinations of rhythm patterns will be taught.

*Jr.Learners - Midstream

Little Fashionistas

Enjoy this ultimate world of dress-up and style as you put your own personal creative touches on fashion. Students will be introduced to everything from personalizing clothing to jewelry making. At the end of the session we will put on a Fashion Show for friends and family displaying the new fashions we have created.

*Jr.Kindergarten -Kindergarten

Zumba Spanish Fiesta

Come, dance with our certified Zumba instructor, Seor Eduardo, in this introduction to Zumba for kids. We will dance to Latin music and learn basic Zumba movement. We will work on Spanish vocabulary and key phrases and customs that define this culture.

*Jr. Learners -Kindergarten

Lakehouse Music Academy Juniors 

In this engaging music and movement program, students will play a variety of instruments (bucket drums, shakers, sticks, ect.) while learning the fundamental concepts of rhythm and tonalities. Each week students will participate in a "jam sessions". This provides children with the opportunity to "rock out" and express themselves musically and creatively. At the conclusion of the session, students will perform the songs they have worked on in their own special Atlantis Prep performance. This performance will allow the students to showcase all they have learned, as well as give them a sense of confidence and success

*Starters - Jr.Kindergarten