Fine Arts

Little Doodlers

Our young budding artists will transform their simple doodles into works of art only they can create. Doodlers will develop new skills and talents during this class. They will use a variety of wonderful materials while producing unique creations. The children will work on developing their fine motor, cognitive and creative skills. 

*Staters - Midstream 

Pint Sized Scientists

Welcome to the laboratory! Change colors, float/sink, explode, and create new things. We will put together our very own science journal while participating in a range of experiments. Make un things like goop and Play Doh. Watch demonstrations using everyday items while learning about weather, magnets and nature.

*Jr. Learners - Midstream 

Passport Art

Come along with us as we cross the seven seas to create treasures from each country visited. We will hear music, stories and myths from many cultures. Children will celebrate life around the world through art.

*Jr. Kindergarten –Kindergarten

Cook with a Book

Get ready to savor good books and delicious recipes. Students will be provided enjoyable hands-on basic “cooking experiences” that are theme based to a story. The children will build on self-confidence as they successfully follow the recipes in class.


* Jr. Learners –Kindergarten