AP Cheer

Join the AP Cheer Team where you will cheer, jump, and dance with Atlantis Prep Pride. The cheer team will perform a various school events throughout the year including some Wellness Events, AP Team Games, and School Concerts. Cheer crafts will also be made during the session.

*Preschool Plus – Midstream 


Join the Atlantis Prep Soccer Team this fall. The team includes developmental instruction, practice, and a simulated Parent/Child Soccer Game to end the season. Each athlete will receive an AP soccer team shirt for practices.

*Jr. Learners – Midstream

Flag Football

In this fast moving energetic enrichment your future star will learn the fundamentals of running, throwing catching, and kicking a football. Our little athletes will also participate in our very own Atlantis Prep Football "combine". This non-contact club is open to boys and girls who learn beginner skills of the game. Each athlete will receive an AP football team shirt for practices.

*Starters – Midstream