AP Flag Football Training Camp

With the first pick in the NFL Draft the Atlantis Prep Eagles select..... In this fast moving energetic enrichment your future star will learn the fundamentals of running, throwing, catching and kicking a football. Our little athletes will also participate in our very own Atlantis Prep Football “combine”. This non-contact club is open to boys and girls who learn beginner skills of the game. Each athlete will recieve an AP football team shirt for practices. 

*Jr. Learners –Midstream 

AP Soccer

Join the Atlantis Prep Soccer Team this Fall. This team includes developmental instruction, practice, and a simulated Parent/Child Soccer Game to end the season. Each athlete will receive a AP soccer team shirt for practices. 

*Jr. Learners –Midstream 

AP Cheer

Go Blue! Go White!
Join the AP Cheer Team where you will cheer, jump, and dance with Atlantis Prep Pride. The cheer team will perform at various school events throughout the year including some Wellness Events, AP Team Games and School Concerts. Cheer crafts will also be made during the session.

*Preschool Plus -Midstream