Stay and Play

Children are able to explore and play with other students in a classroom environment. Great opportunity for socialization! Drop-ins welcome. A perfect time for YOU to get your errands done while the children have free play or for your child to transition to another enrichment.

*Open to all ages. Must be an Atlantis Prep student.

Mommy & Me Toddler Program

Come in and have a fun time with your toddlers. Our experienced teacher will guide parents and children through basic hands-on art exploration with different themes, stories, and playtime. Our music teacher also joins class for Mommy & Me sing-a-longs.

*Toddlers must be able to walk.

Pencil Power

An afternoon full of hands-on activities that will prepare children for a lifetime of writing skills. Each child will develop handwriting skills through multi-sensory play using manipulatives such as: Play-Doh, magnetic and wooden letters, dry erase boards, tweezers, eye-droppers, chalk boards, shaving cream and letter cards. Children will practice letter formation, tracing, copying letters and words.

*Jr. Learners –Midstream

Dino-Land of the Lost

We will identify the different types of dinosaurs and learn about different fossils. Lean fun Dino-facts, create crafts, read stories, dig for fossils and participate in hand-on experiments. The students will even create a life size jaw of Tyrannosaurus Rex!

*Starters – Jr. Kindergarten

Pint Size Scientists

Welcome to the laboratory! Change colors, float/sink, explode, and create new things. We will put together our very own science journal while participating in a range of experiments. Make fun things like goop and Play Doh. Watch demonstrations using everyday items while learning about weather, magnets and nature. 

*Jr. Learners - Midstream